Incredible Technology to Make Your Visit Easier

Technology has become increasingly common in our daily lives to ease our schedules, and it’s no different in a dental office. We equip our office with new technology to help make dental visits better. Learn how 3D imaging can make your visit quicker and more efficient.

The Benefits of 3D Imaging

There are many reasons why we’ve chosen to use 3D imaging. These reasons include:

  • Precise scans any desired location in your mouth with exact anatomical information, including dimensions and locations
  • This technique uses less radiation and is less time consuming than conventional tomography.
  • This method may provide an accurate, cost-effective, and dose-effective diagnostic tool for the evaluation of abnormalities of the TMJ
  • Accurately measures bone and jaw deformities, assess bone lesions and changes of the jaw, and detect other pathologies, such as cysts, tumors, and disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D imaging?

3D imaging creates a digital replica of your mouth, so we can examine issues in-detail from any angle. While it can be difficult to look inside your mouth and see these problems, a digital scan allows us to easily examine your entire oral cavity in extreme detail. 

What is 3D scanning used for?

We use 3D scans in our dental office to diagnose jaw issues and determine the best course of treatment. We can also create customized mouthpieces for TMJ problems and sleep apnea. Customized appliances are much more comfortable and easy to wear than one-size-fits-all types, so your treatment will be more effective.

Is a 3D dental scan safe?

Yes, a 3D scan is safe. In fact, 3D scans generally contain less radiation than traditional X-Rays. 3D scans take less than a minute to complete, so it’ll be over before you know it. 

Experience a New Level of Treatment

3D scans make your visits easier and your treatment more effective. That’s why Dr. Kaspo keeps his office up-to-date with the latest and safest technology. To learn more about 3D scans, feel free to contact us by calling (248) 519-1100 or by filling out our easy online contact form.