Tired of Your CPAP?

If you don’t want to use a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea, you’re not alone. Many people who are prescribed a CPAP stop using it after only one year, opting to go without any treatment at all. But there’s a better solution -- learn how an oral appliance from Dr. Kaspo can effectively treat your sleep apnea without sacrificing your comfort.

Oral Appliances are a Comfortable Solution

An oral appliance is a mouthpiece that looks similar to a sports mouthguard, but it’s designed to keep your airway open while you’re asleep. Often referred to as a mandibular advancement device, these oral appliances push your jaw forward slightly to prevent airway collapse. 

 Your oral appliance will be custom-created for you, so it’ll fit comfortably in your mouth while you sleep. For most people, an oral appliance is just as effective as a CPAP machine for treating sleep apnea. Our patients love their oral appliances because they’re empowering.

Other Alternatives to CPAP 

In addition to an oral appliance, Dr. Kaspo may recommend lifestyle changes to make your treatment even more effective. Some of these recommendations may include:


  • Weight Loss: Excess weight is one of the most common contributing factors to sleep apnea. Losing weight can help improve your sleep apnea symptoms and make it easier for you to breathe while asleep.

  • Reducing Tobacco & Alcohol Consumption: Tobacco can cause complications in your upper airway, contributing to breathing issues while asleep. Alcohol is a sedative that relaxes your throat muscles and can contribute to airway collapse when you’re asleep.

  • Positional Therapy: The worst sleep position for people with sleep apnea is laying on your back. You can train yourself to sleep on your side instead, making you less likely to have breathing problems while asleep.

  • Surgery: If no other treatment options work for your sleep apnea, Dr. Kaspo may recommend surgery to change the structure of your mouth or throat. This is usually a last resort when all other treatments have been exhausted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an alternative to a CPAP machine?

Yes, oral appliances are an effective and comfortable alternative to CPAP machines. Many people stop using their CPAP because of the discomfort and inconvenience. But oral appliances are custom-created, so they’ll be a better fit.


Oral appliances are compact, so they’re easy to travel with and won’t take up any space in your bedroom. They’re also completely silent and won’t bother your partner, if you share a bed. Our patients love their oral appliances due to all these benefits and more.

Do oral appliances really work for sleep apnea?

Yes, oral appliances are often just as effective as CPAP machines. If an oral appliance is suitable for your sleep apnea, Dr. Kaspo will let you know at your consultation. He’ll work with you to find the best solution for your snoring or sleep apnea. 


All you have to do is wear your oral appliance while you’re asleep and it’ll help to keep you sound asleep throughout the night. 

Contact Dr. Kaspo for Effective Treatment

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